Mobile Banking

Are you worried about losing ground to competitors that have better mobile banking capabilities? Make use of our enterprise application platform to increase customer engagement. Extend your services 24/7 on a simple, easy to deploy and use mobile application.



Offer a comprehensive solution of Bill Payments and Top-ups with flexible management for Operators, Merchants, Payment Methods, Settlement and Reporting. The user interface as well as the confirmation messages can be customised to offer a visual display of bills, tickets and operator information. The merchant fees can be configured to be fixed or variable and can be reconciled at the end of day using clearing files for merchant, operator and consumer.


Purchase payments can be made available using contactless technologies like NFC SE, NFC HCE and RFID. Can be associated with not just Debit and Credit Cards but Prepaid or Virtual Account thus bringing the unbanked individual to the banking ambit.


Offer various services like Bill Payments, Transfers and Prepaid Account top-ups for the mobile centric customer in a single app. Can also be integrated with service providers for various parking, entertainment and travel ticket bookings. Can be used to deliver important banking and general notifications to the customers including marketing advertisements and surveys.


Multiple banking services can be made available to the customer with real-time synchronisation with Core Banking. Card Setting like PIN, Status, Limits, International Usage can be modified on the go. Allow various modes of communication like SMS, USSD or Internet as suitable for type of mobile used by the customer. Can be used to interact with the banking/sales representatives for commercials offerings.


The IPS lends 24/7 payment support and flexibility to allow you to extend this service to your customers (even on bank holidays!)


Our enterprise application platform includes a combination of both services and products – to allow mobile applications to be developed, which in turn help increase customer engagement. This lets you provide consumers the convenience and user experience of secured mobile banking 24×7.

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