Card Management System

Does your bank’s Card Services Division grapple with finding and retaining customers for the card products and categories, so ambitiously launched over a year ago? As the Head of Card Issuance Services, do you wish for better focus on offering the right card products, rather than constantly battle fires raging at every stage of the card lifecycle process?

EPS’ Card Management Solution and Services will help efficiently manage all critical stages of Card Lifecycle Management. Our Card Management Solution and Services cover critical pre-issuance, issue and post-issuance activities that help you efficiently manage card portfolios and introduce card products in areas other than financial services.

Cards now streamline payments and enable transactions in new areas. They enable toll, parking and routine purchase payments using RuPay Contactless cards, enable multi-modal transport across the nation using National Common Mobility Card (NCMC), ensure customer fidelity through Loyalty and Reward Cards, Pre-paid Gift Cards, Smart Cards for health facilities, gyms, Insurance and so on.

Be a part of the growth story as card adoption shoots up and card issuance, recharges and card switching become a routine part of citizen and customer services.

Integrate hardware, administration and maintenance costs of your card operations across multiple business lines and cut total cost of ownership. Ensure your bank benefits from the growing potential of digital payments and the diversified payment options available, by offering a payment-hub with card management a key piece of your strategy. Our expertise and experience in integration services will help your bank develop this integrated, all-encompassing payment-hub, which your partners can bank upon to offer diverse card and payment offerings.


Benefit from complete card lifecycle management backed by comprehensive reporting and audit trails across design, issuance, processing and administration.

Improve market share. Differentiate by offering a diverse portfolio of cards across sectors with flexible, targeted value-adding enhancements and reward programmes that keep customers loyal.

Help major merchants, transport operators, clubs and other businesses retain and grow customers with flexible and innovative loyalty programmes, membership discount and gift programmes using co-branded cards.

Provide a striking card personalisation and fulfilment experience to customers from design, manufacturing, fulfilment to mailing ─ for any type of card, using any technology.

Give card holders an assurance of secure, reliable transactions with fraud protection. Protect customer data with encryption, PCI compliance, breach protection and risk management

Benefit from a robust routing and switch solution that manages a secure, scalable and flexible way of routing authorisation requests to major networks, card associations and processors.

Enable a modern payment environment that integrates and supports diverse digital payment options, simplifies operations, reduces costs and meets customer needs.

Card Management activities involving all participating entities

Integrate Robust Routing and Switch Solution

Develop technology-agnostic, diverse card programmes

EMV (Europay, MasterCard® and Visa® ) Cards with Chip-and-Signature or Chip-and-PIN capability

Pre-paid payment instruments (PPI)

Open-Loop Transport, Gift, Loyalty, Reward Cards

Transit Cards

Closed Loop Cards for Petrol, Health Insurance, Health-Facilities, Clubs, Gifts

Improve customer confidence with secure, fraud-proof transactions

Complete Personalisation and Fulfilment experience

Add value, improve customer satisfaction and increase market share. Outsource customer’s card personalisation and fulfilment experience ─ design, manufacturing, fulfilment and mailing ─ for any type of card, using any technology.

Enable graded Retention and Reward Programmes

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