Enterprise Reconciliation and Exception Management

Enterprise Reconciliation and Exception Management

Reconciled to using high-touch solutions for sorting tedious differences between systems? Do better.

As the Head of Risk and Control, responsible for internal checks and reconciliation of Operations, Treasury, Capital Markets and Accounting at your bank, does your teams struggle with complexities and volume of transactions? Do your fragmented solutions ─ some supporting periodic, manual reconciliations, others limited in scope, create more problems?

Do difficulties in dealing with the high volumes of complex transactions, a horde of data formats and data sources contribute to the increasing metrics on losses, irregularities and variances reported? Does all this affect compliance and regulatory reporting, while hiding the real risks and costs of deficient reconciliation and controls?

We can help. EPS offers a frictionless, real-time Automated-Reconciliation Solution and Integration Service that make managing labyrinthine reconciliation processes, Balance Sheet certification and Close Management, an extremely easy task.

The configurable, cloud-based solution ensures scalable, straight-through processing that cover the bank’s entire extended processes. Our long experience in uncovering gaps, applying best practices and technologies give banks a reliable solution that reduce menial tasks and ensures investor and customer confidence in the bank’s operations.


Improve bank competitiveness through seamless, straight-through reconciliation of all types of transactions.

Ensure timely resolution of pending customer transactions to improve customer satisfaction.

Ensure regulatory compliance by meeting cut-off time for claims etc.

Improve control using a centralised reconciliation repository that helps manage of all types of reconciliations using a single platform.

Expedite sophisticated data matching, by configuring easy-to-define, pre-set matching rules. Rely on Exception Case management for investigation of transactions involving unmatched data.

Analyse and identify problems before they get out of hand. Minimise fraud and collusion, which could affect bank’s reputation.

Future-proof reconciliation system that can evolve to accommodate new systems and processes without sacrificing compliance and financial sector demands.

Improve bank profitability through risk-reduction, minimise potential revenue losses, write-offs and exposure.

Enhance governance practises, audit and compliance reporting using versatile dashboards and reports, eliminating paperwork and duplicate processes.

Improve investor and customer confidence with comprehensive, GL Account reconciliation that enables on-time certification and period-close functionality.

Ready-to-deploy, configurable, high-performance reconciliation platform that EPS can integrate across every relevant system in the entire extended banking enterprise.

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