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STATE ATM White Label ATM Services

Ensure your White Label ATMs do not become another White Elephant


EPS has tied up with RiddiSiddhi Bullion Limited, a White Label ATM Operator authorised by the Reserve Bank of India for managing end-to-end deployment and management of White Label ATMs (WLA) under the brand name of STATE ATMs.

Realising the demand for currency notes and banking services in the rural parts of India, the policy on WLAs gives operators the autonomy to decide WLA locations and service rural and even urban economies in need of cash.

EPS’ expertise of managing 10K bank ATMs as a Managed Services Partner, brings complete synergy to the partnership with RiddiSiddhi for deploying WLAs across India. This responsibility, of bringing a wide variety of banking and financial services closer to a larger swathe of the population, is also a nod at EPS’ pioneering work for the Indian ATM and banking industry.

Many Indian banks rely on our considerable experience and expertise in the ATM Industry and in the digital payments domain to navigate through stringent security and compliance requirements and complex operational demands, while they focus on growing their business.

Banks and White Label ATM Operators (WLAOs) can now benefit from our extensive experience and efficiently manage and grow their White Label ATM networks.

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Efficiently and effectively manage and grow White Label ATM networks.

Deliver a wide variety of banking and financial services to the under-banked sections of society, without stretching operational costs.

Provide your customers the convenience of secure, modern Anytime-Anywhere banking, building trust and goodwill in the process.

Key Facilities Available to White Label ATM Users

Convenient, anytime cash withdrawal facility for Debit Card Holders.

Card-to-Card Fund Transfer (C2C) (ATM/Debit Card to ATM/Debit Card).

PIN Change.

Mini Statement and Balance Enquiry.

Chequebook Request.

Statement Request.

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