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The Covid-19 has caught us unawares and disrupted business operations. The lockdown and the norms of social distancing is having an impact on ensuring availability of ATM Services. The normal operating procedures are being put to a stress test like never before.

We are sensitive to the challenges faced by some of you. Our remote ATM Support services can help you to overcome the imminent challenges. As an expression of solidarity to our clients, we are happy to offer complementary remote ATM Support till June 30, 2020

Yes, you do not have to pay for our solidarity
Its our way of saying “JAI HIND”

Remote ATM Support

Our mobile applications will help you to intelligently allocate and map all ATM related calls to your field staff basis the requirement in an area and their availability considering the current lock-down. Your back-office team can coordinate with the field staff across the country in real-time to ensure that ATM services are available across the network. The two main areas, which you can manage ATM related calls are

  • ATM Cash Management
  • Incident Management

ATM Cash Management

Our ATM Cash Management solution enables accurate forecast of daily or weekly cash demand for every ATM. The accurate prediction of cash demand enables banks to proactively optimize the cash loads throughout the whole ATM network. The other benefits of the solution include decrease in unused cash, reduction in ATM network’s management costs due to route planning which in turn lowers currency transportation and servicing costs.

Accurate forecast of daily/weekly ATM cash demand

  • Proactive cash loads optimization across the ATM networks
  • Optimization in unused/buffer cash
  • Minimized Cash-out for network availability
  • Optimize the Transit of Cash to and from ATMs
  • Reduction in currency transportation and servicing cost due to route planning
  • Reduction in downtime attributed to cash replenishment

Incident Management

Our incident management solution provides details of incidents pertaining to ATMs along with audit trail throughout the entire incident lifecycle. The end-to-end view of the incidents across your ATM network gives you the information needed to take more informed decisions for an efficient and effective way to respond and resolve issues quickly.

  • Real-time state-of-health dashboard of all ATMs accessed by mobile app
  • Automated incident escalation and management for fast issue resolution
  • Instant remote diagnosis of ATM issues
  • FLM/SLM call assignments based on Severity, Skills, Area, Component
  • Root cause analysis for preventing future break-down of ATM
  • Proactive problem discovery

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