ATM Outsourcing Services

End-to-End Outsourced ATM Services

Our portfolio of End-to-End Outsourced ATM Services provide complete round of services not only helps in identifying sites and deploy ATMs at optimal locations, but also take care of managing the ATM network, which includes management of the electronic journal and bank’s EFT switch, and coordination with Cash Replenishment Agencies (CRAs) for cash lifecycle management.

Our clients rely on our expertise and experience to build scalable ATM networks and to improve operational efficiency through continuous online monitoring of vital indicators. They bank on us to provide industry best practises, benefits of latest technologies and competitive advantage for their ATM banking channel.

Under ATM Deployment, EPS offers a comprehensive end-to-end solution to our clients, which include the following:


End-to-End Outsourced ATM Services under one roof.

Increased ATM Availability or Uptime.

Increased ATM Throughput per Period.

Reduced Outage Times ─24x7x365 Monitoring and Incident Management.

Low number of FLM and SLM calls thanks to remote monitoring and support, 24×7 Help Desk.

Minimal Cash-out Instances and Minimised Dead Cash ─ improved cash forecasting and cash management

Improved Customer Experience Scores.

Banks freed to focus on growth drivers and innovation while keeping a handle on ATM Channel Costs.

ATM Site Infrastructure Outsourcing Services

ATM Site Sourcing

ATM Site Development

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