Enterprise Fraud and Risk Management

Enterprise Fraud and Risk Management

As a Senior Vice President heading Risk Management, is the growing Customer card base of your bank making you strangely uneasy?

While your colleagues cheer the increased penetration of credit and debit cards in smaller towns, do you feel uneasy as you ponder over the other numbers? With the increase in Millennials using unsecured Public Wi-Fi and Mobile Internet for purchases, and Card-Not-Present (CNP) Fraud Rates – do you often find yourself losing sleep?

Hold all the cards with EPS’ integrated services solution to set up a robust, automated fraud detection and defence system, which hardens your operations against evolving fraud threats.

Benefit from our proficiency in integrating best-of-breed Risk and Fraud solution with all your existing Payment channels and applications. Our long experience in uncovering gaps, applying best practices and technologies to protect banks from card fraud and insecure transactions will ease your burden.

Discard systems designed to address specific fraud risks, products or delivery channels and embrace a strategic, multi-channel, extended-enterprise approach to fraud prevention and detection.


Reduce issuer and acquirer fraud. Protect bank bottom-line and prevent revenue leakage.

Detect and prevent fraud from internal and external sources, pro-actively and in real-time.

Challenge evolving threats across the extended banking enterprise with flexible, easy to deploy rule-based detection models that can cover new data sources.

Powersafe, secure multi-channel e-commerce for bank customers and merchant networks.

Strengthen centralized fraud prevention unit with the ability to ‘own, investigate and follow-up’, for regulatory compliance.

Improve productivity of fraud analysts, investigators and bank staff. Machine learning capabilities sell-discover fraud patterns and suspicious profiles and notify employees, freeing them to focus on investigations.

Shore up the credibility of bank’s fraud deterrent and technical capabilities─enhance institutional reputation.

Real-time fraud detection and prevention in an integrated environment.

Comprehensive, flexible risk calculation engine.

Adapt and respond to new threats in real-time using Artificial Intelligence.

Enhanced fraud controls across channels and the extended enterprise.

Powering safe, secure commerce across the value chain.

Available on both a license and SAAS model.

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