ATM Managed Services

Does your bank continue to face cost pressures, even after shifting from a CAPEX to an OPEX ATM deployment model? Are your ATM operations struggling to control their “run-the-business” budgets, simply to maintain current business capabilities?

Are you troubled by the high correlation between faults – many entirely avoidable – and peak transaction volumes at Tier 1 ATMs (High Volume-High Visibility prime sites), where downtime during critical periods severely impacts the bottom-line?

Do you find your business continually reacting to competitor innovations? Do current ATM channel operational pressures gnaw at your “grow-the-business” budget and “transform-the-business” budget, stifling expansion and innovation plans?

Our Managed ATM Services team with their proven skills and sound knowledge of industry best practices, systems integration and banking technologies will manage your bank’s ATM services and ensure business continuity.The Managed ATM Services team at EPS monitor operations 24×7 and coordinate with multiple agencies to boost network performance and ensure maximum availability.

EPS’ Managed ATM Services free bank managements to focus on business expansion and innovation.


Helps ATM Operations teams achieve customer-focused KPIs.

Reduce the impact of lost Loss of revenue from failed transactions. Improved transaction completion rates are achieved by ensuring high ATM availability or high ATM uptime irrespective of location, time of day or peak transaction periods.

Achieve improved ATM service performance indicators: low Payment Failure Rates, low Customer Incidents Reported by Period, high ATM Throughput, improved Operational Efficiency and Profitability metrics.

Enhanced cash usage rates Improved due to increased accuracy in forecasting cash-in/cash-out requirements resulting.

Incident Management with Helpdesk.

First and Second Line ATM Maintenance.

Electronic Journal Pulling and Content Management Services.

Cash Management and Cash Reconciliation Support.

Complete ATM Site Audit and Maintenance

Actionable Intelligence Services.

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