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“Being part of an organization such as EPS has brought me immense pleasure. Where better to start your career than at a workplace where you find incredibly supportive and organized professionals, from whom you gain invaluable experience.

What makes it even more special is the fun environment where you get to take part in several cultural and traditional celebrations. It is this mild blend of joy with work that makes the experience all the more remarkable for me.”

Darshana Govind

Executive - Accounts & Finance Dept.

“I’m pleased to have a platform to share my experience of the working environment and culture followed in EPS. I feel a sense of pride being a part of the core team that was initially formed when EPS was advancing towards its path of success.

EPS has transparent work ethics, open door policy for handling complaints and grievances, cultivating an element of togetherness amongst employees via different cultural activities and events, development of a dynamic work force by providing higher education and training to employees etc. are just some of the perks employees enjoy. I’m glad to be a part of spirited team who had major contribution in the installation of 4000 ATMs in the shortest span of time in India. Overall it has been a great journey of success till now and I’m looking forward for many such moments in the future.”

Deepti Tikekar

Assistant Manager – Services Dept.

“EPS has offered me the best of the corporate world i.e. work and time flexibility and new business opportunities, by providing a comfortable and professional space to work and also to meet with clients and accomplish great work.

EPS is a wonderful, stimulating and helpful company of talented professionals from whom I have learnt a lot and with whom I can share my knowledge and ideas and continue growing.”

Vaibhav Puranik

Key Account Manager – Finance and Accounts Dept.

“I was fortunate to witness growth and development of EPS and perform under the efficient leadership of Mr. Manohar Bhoi (President - Technology). EPS has always recognised and provided equal opportunity to prove my abilities and talent.

EPS as an organisation seems to be changing faster and faster, mainly driven by technological progress and market integration. We look forward to an exciting closure of FY14-15. We are sure that we will have the support of the management & the employees in executing the new & exciting technology team’s initiatives.”

Mahesh Panchal

Senior Manager - Cash Operations

“For me EPS stands for; E = Ethical, P = Peaceful and S = Simple. As stated above the work culture at EPS is ethical, peaceful and simple. Work culture plays an important role in any employee’s growth. Few things which set EPS apart from the rest of the organizations are open door policy, transparency and ethical values that we practice daily.

I have completed a year here and still remember how effortlessly I was accommodated into the team. Top management consists of veterans from the industry and under their guidance we learn something new everyday. Last but not least, our annual picnic is something that every employee looks forward too. Our management here at EPS ensures that all employees have an opportunity to unwind and at the same time encourage team building at some of the best of the locations. I’m sure this is going to get better year after year.”

Wishing EPS the best always!

Mugdha Shirvalkar

Key Account Manager – Banking Relationship Dept.

“Quality work and friendliness is why I chose to work with EPS. It just felt right to be part of the growing organisation. My tenure at EPS has been very knowledgeable and a great learning experience. The best things here are enthusiasm, professionalism quality of work and support from the senior management.”

Mahesh Gaitonde

General Manager – Services Dept.

“I began my career at EPS on September 10, 2012 and have made many friends and gathered some exciting memories over these years. I have always had an enjoyable time working with my superiors as well as colleagues. Our well-coordinated and efficient team allows us to maintain minimal work pressure.

EPS truly appreciates each one of us by recognizing and rewarding our efforts and performance. EPS provides the right platform and environment for work-life balance, career growth & recognition and job satisfaction. It has helped me recognize my potential growth areas, leading to personal as well as professional growth. EPS values hard work (there is no substitute for hard work), a can do spirit, a positive attitude and hands-on management.

I am looking forward to continuing to reach new heights, and I wish success to all those who are climbing up the corporate ladder with me.”

Vishwajit Laghate

Manager – Services Dept.

“I really enjoy being an integral part of such an outstanding organization. EPS has a relaxed, yet professional environment and places a strong emphasis on team accomplishments and moral ethics in the workplace. It has fantastic employees support with both skilled and diverse people and have had the pleasure of working with many such wonderful individuals (some known as the Veterans of the ATM Industry).

The company has performed well & holds a fastest ATMs deployment record in the Industry and is inching towards the leadership tag in the near future.

I joined EPS in 2014 and look forward to being with this organization for a long time, based on management’s direction for continued growth along with opportunities for personal growth.” 

Aditya Sawant

Senior Manager - Services  Dept.

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