World Payment Congress

Mumbai, February 2018

EPS was honoured to have been invited at the World Payment Congress 2018, a conference hosted by the Asia Retail Congress, which focussed on all those important areas which can bring in more and more Transparency, Instant, Experience and Security into the world of payments which in turn would revolutionize the world of omni commerce. Payments study last year stated that Industry experts believe debit cards will become king over cash by 2021. With wearable technology and digital payments on the rise learn more about the future where cash might not necessarily be king, the focus is on innovation in the payment/transaction space and essential top-level expertise! It is proven that companies that exposes employees to outside influences and ideas through attendance at conferences, membership in professional societies, and similar activities can help break down insularity.

World Payments Congress marks an important milestone in how those who are driving and adopting innovative payments solutions and practices share information to create common goals that unite progress with clarity of purpose. This unique conference experience encapsulates the players and thought-leadership that are setting the agenda for the future. It was further graced by Thyagarajan Seshadri, President - Banking Relations from EPS, as he shared his thoughts and perspectives at the exclusive talk session: "Cash is still the king - Sustaining ease of access. Building trust. Empowering India".

It was a moment of great honour and humility when EPS founder Mani Mamallan was honoured with the "Most Influential Payment Professional Award 2018".

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