EPS Aadhar Data Vault Solution

Why Aadhar Data Vault?

Considering the sensitivity of the Aadhar number and the potential implication of having one’s Aadhar number compromised, UIDAI circulated a notification in July 2018 which mandated the need for all Aadhar and Aadhar related data to be encrypted and stored separately in a secure, access-controlled data repository known as “Aadhar Data Vault”. Within an organization that uses Aadhar Number for any purpose, it should not be stored in any business database. Aadhar data includes Aadhar numbers and related data collected by the AUA/KUAs/Sub-AUA or any other agency as Banks, Telecoms, Government departments, Income Tax Department, Private sector etc. for specific purposes under Aadhaar Act and Regulations, 2016.

How does it affect you?

Agencies storing Aadhaar, doing Aadhaar based authentication, e-KYC etc. would need to make suitable changes to their systems as they cannot store Aadhaar number directly within their system/databases/logs etc.

Also, all existing Aadhaar numbers stored in the various systems e.g. Core Banking System (CBS), eKYC system, FI/AePS etc. need to be replaced with respective Reference Keys.

Any non-compliance shall be dealt under Section 42 of the Aadhaar Act, 2016 and shall also attract financial disincentives.

EPS’ Value Proposition

Through a strategic partnership, EPS’ Aadhar Data Vault solution is a standalone solution as per UIDAI mandate and complies with all UIDAI guidelines.

The key salient features of the proposed solution are as follows –

  • Capabilities to achieve high performance on inexpensive commodity hardware
  • Rest based secure APIs to access the information from Aadhar Vault
  • Minimum changes in existing system for storing reference keys in place of Aadhar number
  • Implemented strong access, authentication measures, monitoring/logging of access
  • Supports Admin module to Insert/Update/Delete entries to Aadhaar Vault
  • Supports any SQL based database, as Oracle, MS SQL, MySQL etc
  • Flexibility to accommodate varied systems, integration with customized API
  • Ability to configure horizontal scaling

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