EPSecure: Reconciliation & Claim Dispute Resolution

EPS has added to its arsenal a proprietary and innovative solution, EPSecure that secures transactions taking place across various transaction mediums such as ATMs, PoS, Mobile Banking, Internet Banking, e-commerce etc.

Using EPSecure, EPS undertakes the entire module of 4 way reconciliation and the claim dispute process. EPSecure was created keeping in mind the ordeal a customer faces when dealing with dispute cases and taking into account the resources a bank allocates for a process that is essentially non-core. It also proves to be cost effective, robust and scalable.

EPSecure promises to:

  • Benchmark and commit outcomes on dispute write-off values and financial losses at Banks and other payment processing institutions.
  • Perform Pre and Post analysis of disputed transactions that evolves rapidly to eliminate the cause of origin of disputes by undertaking loss patterns.
  • Faster Turn Around Time (TAT) when dealing with claim dispute cases.
  • Better customer experience and customer satisfaction.
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