Automated Teller Machine (ATM) Outsourcing Services

End to End ATM Outsourcing Services

EPS provides ATM deployment services through our ATM Infrastructure Management (AIM) Division, operating out of our state-of-the-art facility in Mumbai, India. The team at EPS possess a holistic range of proven skills, industry best practices and sound knowledge of Systems Integration required for completion of projects within defined timelines. Training and recruitment programs are also conducted to cater our client’s requirement to manage various projects.

Under ATM Deployment, EPS offers a comprehensive end-to-end solution to our clients, which include the following:

  • ATM Site Sourcing (Site Feasibility Report)
  • ATM Site Development (including A/C, UPS System & Signage)
  • VSAT Connectivity
  • ATM Procurement
  • ATM Procurement
  • ATM Site & Asset Audit / Maintenance

ATM Site Sourcing

ATMs are one of the primary banking facilities for all bank customers. ATMs are usually installed at a branch to ease the pressure inside the branch by providing customers an alternative way to bank 24x7. This limits the queuing time and time spent by a customer inside the branch, therefore providing a faster and more convenient service to customers. Over-the-counter transactions are becoming less significant as time progresses and the banking industry is becoming more and more electronically driven.

The different factors that have an influence on the performance of banking retail facilities i.e. ATMs are listed below:

  • Accessibility
  • Visibility
  • Number of competitor Banks ATMs in the area
  • Number of own bank’s ATMs in the area
  • Number of businesses in vicinity
  • Nature of the locality and population
  • Population Density


Accessibility to a site is generally evaluated in terms of how easy it is for a consumer to get to the proposed site. The accessibility of a location could be affected by several factors including the following:

  • Road patterns & conditions
  • Entry / Exit of ATM site
  • Traffic flow
  • Visibility
  • Parking facility
  • Barriers


Good visibility can be defined as being the ability to see the ATM site in enough time to be able to safely enter the parking lot in the normal flow of traffic. The importance of good visibility is somewhat limited in places where there is no constant or seasonal inflow of new people e.g. a small rural town or a tightly confined residential area. Visibility becomes a much more significant factor in seasonal tourist areas. Holidaymakers are typically time-conscious and the first convenient facility will be patronized to obtain a required item or service. In an area with a highly transient population such as a tourist location or large city, good visibility from the road is particularly important.

The visibility of the ATM can be quantified by using the following criteria:

The number of approachable directions from which the ATM is visible, as well as the distance in meters from which the ATM is visible. The higher the number of directions from which an ATM is visible, the higher the level of visibility of the ATM.

The best location to enhance the visibility of an ATM is a site located on a street corner. This, however, is not always available. This can be overcome by making use of signage in prominent places in order to gain necessary exposure.

Number of businesses in the area

Any location where an ATM is placed has a drawing power that attracts people to it. The ability of a location to attract people is very important from an ATM installation point of view. An ATM on its own would not be able to attract a sufficient number of people to be viable. To consider the installation of an ATM, it is important for a location to:

• Be able to draw large numbers of people towards it

• Offer services or products for which people need cash

The more businesses in an area, the higher the number of employees and potential customers. The number of businesses in an area gives an indication of the strength of a business center. In ideal circumstances, the higher the population attracted to the area, the higher should the transaction volumes be at an ATM.

Population Density

The population numbers and population density in an area of any facility does have an impact on the total number of people patronizing a facility. The higher the population numbers and/or density, the higher the number of people should be that patronizes a facility. This in turn could have an influence on the number of people transacting on an ATM.

ATM Site Development (including A/C, UPS System & Signage)

EPS appointed architect / representatives shall complete site visits within 5 days’ time-frame and submit the Site Feasibility Report (SFR) for ATM deployment. EPS shall intimate the Architect, A/C vendors, ATM vendor and VSAT Vendor (Very Small Aperture Terminal (VSAT) is a device that is used to transmit & receive data signal through a satellite and is required for offsite locations) to conduct site surveys for technical feasibility of the site. The appointed person at each city shall send the Site Feasibility Report (SFR) to the Project Manager at EPS for evaluation and advancement.

Once the feasibility study is conducted (both for on-site and off-site locations), the Estimate of Cost (EOC) and the layout shall be prepared by the appointed architect / agency and submitted to EPS for further scrutiny and submission to our client by EPS.

EPS shall finalize the signage and interior design with the client and the same shall be adopted for all sites.

EPS shall hand over the site(s) within 25-30 days from the date of approval of the layout by the client. In case of any delay beyond the control of the agency the same shall be recorded and escalated to the client.

ATM Site & Asset Audit / Maintenance

EPS shall have an arrangement with all vendors for maintenance of hardware like ATM, A/C, UPS, VSAT etc.

EPS has an exclusive arrangement with site audit and cash audit team for routine check-up of asset, sites as well as verification of cash in the ATM.

EPS shall send exhaustive report(s) to the client as per the requirement.

ATM Installation & Connectivity to Switch

Once the ATM is connected technically to the client’s Switch, the site shall be handed over to the EPS Managed Services Centre team for 24x7x365 monitoring, cash forecasting, cash management etc.

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